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Blogger vs WordPress – which platform is best for Blogging

Is Blogger better than WordPress? What is the difference between WordPress and Blogger? Can I switch from Blogger to WordPress? Which platform is best for blogging? Which blogging platform the best for making money?

Blogger vs WordPress – Which one is the best blogging platform? – it is the classical debate among newbie bloggers.

Before we start let’s be clear that here we are talking about Self Hosted CMS and not about free blogging platform. When you hear great words about WordPress like “WordPress is SEO friendly” or “39% of the web uses WordPress“, you hear about, and not about Self Hosted means you need to buy your own server space, though the WordPress CMS is Free and Open-source. More about is later.

So, should you start your blog on Google Blogger (BlogSpot) or WordPress?

Let’s find out.

Here are the things we will cover in this article:

Things to look for while choosing the best blogging platform for you

Ease of Use:

Ease of Use and Design Flexibility

Google Blogger is very simple to get started with. All you need it a Google account and you can get started in just five minutes.

You don’t need to know coding to use WordPress but WordPress has steep learning curb initially.

So for Casual blogger Blogger might be more appealing. But for serious blogger, it is worth to learn WordPress and have a complete design and functional Control.

But if you really want custom design and many functionality like an eCommerce shop, Course, Forum and so on with fairly easily with WordPress.

And there are hundreds of websites, courses, YouTube channels, forums and Community about WordPress that you can learn from and turn to when you need. 

Design Flexibility and Functinality:

Design Flexibility

Blogger is a simple blogging platform. you can find great looking templates and get started. It has something called widgets, you can use widget to add some useful features. But that just it. You can’t design fully-fledged website, have many features like Popups, push notification, eCommerce store, Online courses and so one.

Where in WordPress you have complete control. You can build whatever you like. Just installing a plugin from its huge plugin repository and you have a new feature.

WordPress is a Open source platform, many enthusiast developers has built many useful plugin that you can use and add almost any feature.



Ok for security, blogger wins for obvious reason.

See, blogger is simple blogging platform has less features and Google takes care of it. There is less opportunity to exploit.

And being simple blogging platform there is their not enough data that will attract hackers.

WordPress is pretty good security, but here are few things:

  • WordPress constitute 39% of the web. That already attracts a lot of attention of hackers, for the very same reason Windows OS have more hacks.
  • People build all different kinds of websites. Many businesses use WordPress. So, there are many attractive data like payment information, personal information of clients and users – these people may want to steal.
  • You add many third-party plugins and themes, there might be some vulnerability. If you use low quality hosting who do not take security seriously.

That is why you should take WordPress security seriously. Eplaiing everything is out of the scope of these article, but following are fundamantal

  • Don’t install plugins and themes from not reputed developers.
  • Don’t buy premium themes and plugins from unauthorised sellers. They may include some scripts to create a back gate to your website.
  • Before installing a theme or plugin check when it was updated last. There should be an update at least within 2-3 months.
  • And first and for most guys, if you want to do one just one thing, do this one – take a backup of the website regularly. This can be the solution to thousands of problems.



For Blogger, you have literally no support from Google.

You can find some forums and tutorials but it is limited. As, not many serious people use Blogger there is not enough content on this.

WordPress is Open Source and Free so you have no support from WordPress. But,

….you you will not support from them at all.

You will need support from Hosting provider, the Themes and Plugin developers.

So, when you choose a hosting provider and premium themes and plugins, purchase it from reputed providers. Check if they have really good help documents, forums.

And as WordPress is so popular, you will find a great tutorial for anything you may need. There are thousands of blogs, Youtube channels, forums and communities to get help from.

Blogger vs WordPress for SEO:

Here, hear it from Matt Cutts, former head of the Google Webspam Team

Matt Cutts summarizes it well. If you are a casual blogger you may not want to deal with complexity, Blogger is much simpler to get started with, “But WordPress gives you little more flexibility and little more power”.

You can have much more control over WordPress, you can implement so many things that helps your SEO but can not in Blogger.

Blogger vs WordPress for making money

blogger vs wordpress for making money

So, as we have discussed you have limited control over your blogger blog and reduced opportunities of making money, you are in complete control wherein WordPress you have much more control.

So, with Blogger there are some limitations while marketing as well. For example:

  • You can do limited things in terms of SEO, hence reduced traffic
  • You can’t design good and functional landing pages
  • You can’t integrate many 3rd party marketing tools, to carry out your marketing effectively.
  • Can’t create eCommerce shop, Courses, Forum, Real Estate website with blogger
  • You will come as unprofessional to your reader, the advertisers, and other companies that you want to deal with

Blogger vs WordPress for AdSense

AdSense can be the only moneization method for many bloggers. In initial days, getting AdSense approaved with a Blogger blog used to be easy. Not anymore. Now you are better off with a self hosted WordPress blog and your domain email address.

Also you don’t completely own your blog, google does. So, even your blog maybe deleted and your business shuts.

So, hands down, WordPress is better for making money by huge margin.

  • How to choose your perfect platform?


You get what you pay for.


Blogger is free, but you don’t have control, don’t have design flexibility can have functional website, in fact, you don’t even own the content.

Whereas WordPress is free and open-source, but you need to pay for the hosting server, premium theme or plugins (if any), domain name. But you own the website content and domain name. You create any design, have any functionality you want, make a lot of money, the sky is the limit.

The yearly minimum expense for Maintaining for WordPress website is – about $10 for domain name and $50 for hosting.

other than that you may use premium themes, plugins which will be extra.

But again, “You get what you pay for”.


Where do I start blogging?

Start Blogging

For starters I would say it depends, if you are serious then I highly recommend you to purchase a domain name and a good hosting, start using

If you are not sure then try out with Blogger it simple to use and fairly good with SEO.

Or you can even try with some inexpensive hosting like HostingSpell (affiliate link), then later migrate to a better one when you gain confidence.

If you will write out of your mind that you know people are not searching for but will like if they come across, then you may consider platforms like, Medium or even Quora, where there are good communities, so even new blogs get eyeballs.

Does Blogger own my content?

Yes, the content you produce, google Blogger owns the content not you. It is a different story that Google is very generous and you mostly won’t face issue. But, just Facebook, Twitter, it can suspend you without warning and there is no support to talk to.

Is Google Blogger shutting down?

After the termination of Google Plus, many are being worried if Google Blogger will stop. Yes, Google indeed has a history of shutting down services notoriously, but they don’t plan to stop google Blogger. in fact till last year they were updating the interface of Google Blogger.

Is WordPress free for blogging?

Well, I hope you have already some idea about the difference between and is completely free, but you don’t have many great features.

The itself is free and open-source, but you need to purchase your own server, that will cost you like 50$ a year at least. Also, you need to purchase your domain, which is like 10$.

What kind of blog make money?

Blogs that make money

No matter which blogging platform you choose you can make money. I am not saying that platform doesn’t matter, it surely does.
But more than the platform, the niche you choose and how good you are at convincing people to take some action matters more than the platform. 

Here are some niche that has good earning potential – Health & Fitness, Finance, DIY, Travel, Sports, Parenting, Hobbies and so on.

How do bloggers get paid?

There are several ways blogger monetise their blogs and make money. Here are some common ways – 
Advertisements – Such as Google AdSense
Affiliate Marketing – Amazon Associates
Lead/Demand Generation – use a blog to promote your products or someone else’s products

Final Words:

If you want to go for most SEO benefits, branding, or own control over the platform, you should go with WordPress. If you’re going to take blogging as your profession and don’t have your blog on google Blogger.

But if you are just starting out, trying out things not sure whether you are going continue, it is ok to start with Blogger.

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