My 2.0 version

My 2.0 Version – DDIP Week 1 Assignment

It is an assignment of the Digital Deepak Internship Program. I needed to write about how my 2.0 version will look like. I am writing as a journalist would in the year 2023.

Here is how my 2.0 version will look like in 2023.

Durbar Ghosh is a multipotentialite, who is known for a SaaS product that helps marketers.

He also has several blogs and websites that help people solve their problems. He basically manages the bigger things and has writers and marketers and developers to do the work.

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“Having these successful projects gives me financial freedom and a feeling of empowerment. I can spend on things I like (though I am not big spender), have the capability to help others.”

Currently, he is also working for a product that helps artists market themselves effectively and make money. He has a huge interest in art and craft, and an appreciation for artists. He is trying to use his knowledge, resource, and experience of online marketing to help artists.

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He loves teaching kids. In collaboration with a friend, he is building a Mobile lab. It will make practical studies, engineering, and many other things available for school children in villages.

Initially, the SaaS company required a lot of attention. But now it runs smoothly without as much effort.

“I chose to grow slow. I haven’t wanted any investment, bootstrapped the company from the ground up all by ourselves. People like the product. Growth is slow but as I don’t have investors to push us, we have peace in mind.”

Now he has a successful career, financial freedom which was a long time goal (myself 2.0). Now he wants to devote more attention to hobbies and other interests (myself 3.0).

He likes to attend and participate in exhibitions, from big tech exhibitions to small stalls in village fairs.

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“In my childhood days, I would make crafts out of clay, make origami or Ratha with bamboos and dream selling those in village fairs. Now I have a SaaS company, presenting our product to the people in exhibitions give me a feeling of fulfillment. Anyway, I still want to be able to create crafts and selling those in exhibitions and village fairs in collaboration with other artists.”

Initially, multi-interest was not that useful. In fact, not being able to focus on one thing dragged his success.

He believed there must be a solution. It can’t be that multipotentiality is a complete curse and there is no room for someone like this in society.

“Most feasible thing I found is to force myself to strict to one thing at least for long enough so that I am financially successful. Then start with other interests.”

It might take 2, 3, or 5 years, which is really difficult for the people who don’t find one true calling. But it is much better than never succeeding in anything at all or devoting entire life for one thing.

Once one venture is successful, the resources, money, knowledge accumulated from the first success, connections made, many things are built up already, succeeding in another becomes a lot easier.

“Being multipotentialite, if we are good at one thing, it is learning new things faster than anyone. We become interested in one area, we completely dive in, become all consumed, and get good at – we do all this over and over in new areas. This trait can now be used to its fullest potential to create other successful ventures.”

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4 thoughts on “My 2.0 Version – DDIP Week 1 Assignment”

  1. Hi Durbar!
    Really nice to read your blog aka DDIP assignment 2.0 . Interesting… Liked your vision towards your Saas company, hope you will succeed. Happy for your thought on creating helpful things for school children in villages.
    Stay upfront !

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